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Application to play in the Champions Winter League is coming soon and will remain open until the league is filled in every age group or until registration deadline of 12/15/2015.

The league will run 9 weeks with games on 8 of those weekends in the months of January and February.  Games will be played rain or shine.  If a game is suspended or cancelled due to extreme weather, games will not be rescheduled.

Cost Per Team
U6-U8 is $350 per team and U9-U11 is $375 per team. All team must register and pay online via a credit card. (Please note that there is a credit card processing fee that is passed along to the team as well).

Playing Format
The game format will be as follows:    


# of players *

Ball Size **

Game Time ***

Half Time





2-20 min. halves

5 Mins.





2-25 min. halves

5 Mins.


*     # of players indicates  total number (field players + a goalkeeper).
**   The home team is responsible for providing a proper-sized game ball.
*** There is no overtime play.

FIFA Rules shall apply for all age groups except for the following two special rules for U06/U07/U8:
  1. Pass into play from a stationary point with a kick; and
  2. On goal kicks, the opposing team must retreat back to their own half until the ball is passed into play; and
  3. Team Coaches will be responsible for officiating their games.  No direct coaching from the referee coaches will be allowed.  A League administrator will be on site to oversee and manage games and referees.

Player Passes
Players must use standard CYSA or US Club Player passes to check-in at every game.

Teams in the U06/07 Divisions must present the league a proof-of-age birth document (birth certificate or passport) for each of their players in order to demonstrate the verifiable age of their players. The league will then create a certified roster for use by those teams.

For U08 and older, all players must have current CYSA/USYSA or NorCal Premier/USCS Player passes in order to participate.  If such passes are not available for a team in the U8 age group, the team must follow the proof-of-age birth document requirement and procedure outlined in the paragraph above.

Only coaches that have completed background checks and appear on the league roster will be allowed to coach teams and be on the sideline.  All Coaches and team sideline officials must have current Team Staff passcards and current background checks from one of the following organizations:
  • AYSO
  • CYSA-USYA (US Youth Soccer Association)
  • US Club Soccer

If you are entering a team and interested in coaching, yet have no current documentation, coaches will need to, at a minimum, complete a league background check to be able to participate on behalf of their organization or club. 

All rosters must be done before the season starts to give as much flexibility as possible to teams in order to develop players and eliminate forfeits.

Rosters should be turned into the league by 12/31/14. On 1/1/15, rosters become frozen and teams are limited to using players they have listed on their roster.

 The minimum roster size to participate in the league (not counting duplicates/players appearing on another roster) is as follows:
  • U6/U7/U8 – 6 Players Minimum, 8 Maximum
  • U9/U10/U11 – 8 Players Minimum, 14 Maximum

3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 for a loss. A forfeit will be scored as 3-0 in favor of the team who did not forfeit. No official scores are kept for U6 - U8 divisions.

Field Dimensions
Games will be located on turf fields in several cities within San Mateo County, including Daly City, San Bruno, Burlingame, and Redwood City.  All games will occur in one specified location on a specific Saturday. 

Field dimensions shall be as follows for the different age groups:
  • U6/U7/U8 – 20yd x 30yd
  • U9/U10/U11 – 30yd x 50yd
Because of varying field locations, these sizes may be slightly adjusted.

This league is for development, learning, and becoming better in the sport of soccer. We have no rule to limit scoring, yet highly recommend in the case of a scoring blow-out, the dominant team work on tactical skills that may make it harder for them to continue to score yet still demand good play from your players. Be responsible and please use common sense. These are kids, all of which play the beautiful game for many reasons.

General Codes of Conduct 
General codes of conduct will be based on Evolution FC Rules, Policies and Guidelines or as specified herein.  Bad behavior will not be tolerated in this league.  This may include, but is not limited to, incidents pertaining to contact, harassment, violence, drug and alcohol use, language, and discrimination. Verbal abuse will not be tolerated in this league. That includes language and physical of players, referees, coaches and parents. If situations arise, they will be handled by the league disciplinary committee and consequences will be handed out as needed. These may include: Ejection from a game, suspension, a team being removed from the league, etc., or as specified in the Evolution FC Rules, Policies and Guidelines.